Inconsistent funding has hit the Ministry of Gender and Child Development in Eastern Province.

The Ministry of Gender and Child Development in Eastern Province has revealed inconsistent funding from central government.
Speaking during Budget Tracking Programme on Breeze FM this morning, Child Development Officer, Ariel Tembo says that this is affecting operations at the ministry.
Mr. Tembo stated that under the 2014 National Budget allocation to Eastern Province, about 67,000 from 148,800 Kwacha was not released.
He says that no concrete reasons were given by the Provincial Accounts office on why the money was not released.
And Mr. Tembo says that the ministry was this year allocated 197,800 Kwacha in the 2015 budgetary allocation, which is an increase of 49,000 Kwacha from last year’s budget.
He says that the department has so far only received about 32,000 Kwacha under general administration, utilities and events.
Mr. Tembo says that none of the funds under child empowerment and monitoring have so far been released this year.
Meanwhile the Ministry of Gender and Child Development in Eastern Province does not know why only women clubs in Chipata’s Kasenengwa Constituency are receiving government financial support.
Speaking during the Budget Tracking Programme, Mr. Tembo stated that 16 clubs in Kasenengwa Constituency are receiving support and 6 other groups in Petauke district.
He stated that he was not in a position to explain why no women clubs are being supported in other constituencies of Chipata and other districts in the region.
Mr. Tembo however, stated that the clubs, which are being supported, have been given ploughs and money to buy cattle so that they can sustain themselves.
And Mr. Tembo revealed that the Ministry of Gender and Child Development in Eastern Province has only two workers and that he is the only working at the moment since the other one is on study leave.
He says that this is a big challenge as the ministry has to depend on other line ministries to carry out its operations in other districts.
Mr. Tembo however, indicated that government says it will soon employ people to be deployed in various districts.

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