Maize traders exploit starving villagers in Ncheka area of Mambwe district.

Maize traders are exploiting starving villagers in Ncheka area of Mambwe district.
The traders are reported to be selling a 50 Kilogramme bag of maize at 80 Kwacha.
Speaking to Breeze News, one of the villagers, Shaderick Zulu says that people are in a desperate situation because they are starving but cannot afford to buy the maize.
Mr. Zulu has asked government to provide maize, which people can buy at a reasonable price.
Meanwhile villagers in Ncheka Ward have commended government for working on the road, which links Mambwe to Katete district.
Mr. Zulu however, says that there is need for government to ensure that Kasenengwa Bridge is rehabilitated because it becomes impassable during the rainy season.

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