MISA condemns attack on Feel Free radio by PF cadres

The Media Institute of Southern Africa MISA Zambia has strongly condemned the storming by Patriotic Front PF cadres at Feel Free FM Radio in Chipata in an effort to stop a paid for radio programme from airing.

The programme was featuring NDC, National Democratic Front official Samuel Lugomo Phiri on Thursday last week.

MISA Zambia Chairperson Hellen Mwale says MISA Zambia is concerned because these type of attacks show that some of the PF cadres think no one has the right to express their views about politics or national issues in the country except leaders from PF.

In a statement availed to Breeze News, Ms. Mwale says Zambia is constitutionally a multiparty democracy and Zambians regardless of political affiliation have the right to express themselves and have the right to freedom of Association.

She says that NDC members have the right to belong to the NDC and are entitled to express themselves on radio.

Ms. Mwale says the media has the right to feature such citizens as they are disseminating the right to freedom of expression in addition to playing their watchdog role.

Ms. Mwale says that it is a shame that some of these violent and non-democratic PF cadres can today carry out actions to prevent opposition political party politicians from expressing their views on radio stations when their Late founding Leader Michael Sata and many of its leaders can attest to suffering the same fate while in opposition.

She added that the PF leaders, while in opposition had difficulties to feature on various media in Zambia and they therefore pledged to respect both media freedom and freedom of expression in their manifesto.

She has urged PF cadres to desist from the trend as it is against the democratic principles and Law Zambians gave unto themselves through the Constitution.

And Ms. Mwale has urged the police to arrest and charge such cadres as this trend seems to be on the increase.

She states that Feel Free FM is the third station within a space of three months to have suffered from the attacks but to the contrary no cadres so far have been arrested.

She says the organisation is however grateful that Police in Chipata made at effort to go to the station to halt the situation.

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