Some cotton farmers in Eastern Province are still keeping old plants in their field.

Some cotton farmers in Eastern Province are reported to have gone against the law by keeping old plants in the field up to now.
Old cotton plants are supposed to be removed after harvesting by 1st October every year.
Principal Technical Research Assistant at Msekera Research Centre, Machine Chikwekwe says that it is by law that old cotton plants are removed to avoid some pests being transmitted to the new crops.
Mr Chikwekwe says that it is shocking that a lot of cotton fields are still having old plants a situation, which he says can affect next year’s cotton plants.
Mr Chikwekwe says that the law also states that any cotton farmer, who keeps old crops in the field up to the planting season be fined 540 thousand Kwacha by the court of law or be jailed for six months simple imprisonment.
Mr. Chikwekwe appealed to cotton farmers who are have not yet removed the old plants from their field to do so quickly.

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