Some local millers in Chipata have defended their high prices of mealie meal.

Some local millers in Chipata have defended their mealie -meal prices as being reflective of market trends.

Speaking to Breeze News, Cargill Green Business Managing Director Johan Steyn says that the mealie meal prices were established after taking into consideration various aspects of the market.
He said this in reaction to concerns raised that the mealie meal prices should have been reduced further because of the milling plant established in Chipata.
Mr. Steyn, said that Cargil is bringing value addition to the industry because they are buying maize from the local farmers in Chipata.
Various stakeholders have questioned why the mealie meal being locally produced by Cargill and other local companies should be the same price as the mealie meal being brought in from Lusaka.
A 25 Kilogramme bag of mealie mea

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