Starving villagers in the valley areas of Nyimba district fail to access relief food.

Starving villagers in the valley areas of Nyimba district cannot access relief food, due to transportation problem.
Nyimba District Administrative Officer, Fabian Chuzu says that the district received about 2,000 metric tonnes of relief maize in August, of which about 800 bags were allocated to the valley areas.
However, he explained that DMMU, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit is facing serious challenges to ferry the maize to the area, as it can only be transported by air.
Breeze FM Staffer, Gift Phiri reports that Mr. Chuzu says that this has become a serious concern for government.
Mr. Chuzu, who described the hunger situation in some parts of the valley area as severe, however, said that government is still making efforts to ensure that people receive the relief food.

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