The Anti-Corruption Commission in Eastern Province has received about 50 reports of corruption since January this year.

The Anti-Corruption Commission ACC in Eastern Province has received about 50 reports of corruption from January this year.
However, investigations have revealed that only 13 of these reports were directly linked to corruption.
ACC Regional Manager, Raymond Banda confirmed this to Breeze News, stating that some of the cases have had to be transferred to other security wings.
And Mr. Banda says that it is important for people to understand that not all reports that are made to ACC are related to corruption.
He explained that according to the ACC Act, officers from the Anti-Corruption Commission cannot investigate a suspected corruption case without authority from the ACC director general.
Mr. Banda was responding to concerns raised by some Chipata residents that the ACC does not investigate some cases, which are reported to the commission.
The ACC Regional Manager however, appealed to residents to follow up on cases reported to the commission, stating that Zambians have a duty to report criminal activities to security agencies.

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