The introduction of the Direct Deposit System by the Zambia Police Service receives mixed reactions from motorists

Some drivers in Chipata district say the introduction of the Direct Deposit System in the Zambia Police Service will not help end corruption among traffic police officers.

The Zambia Police Service over the weekend, launched the Direct Deposit System in Eastern Province, where members of the public will no longer pay direct cash to police officers when paying a fine.

This means members of the public will now be required to deposit the money directly into bank accounts at commercial banks.

But the drivers told Breeze FM that the system is a failed project, because charges for the fines are too expensive.

Edward Phiri and another driver, who opted to remain anonymous, say that due to exorbitant charges, which drivers are paying for fines, many people, who can’t manage, will still be negotiating with officers on the roads.

They say the system can be implemented effectively if the fines are reduced.

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