UPND Vice president Canicius Banda advises against downplaying the departure of Richard Kapita.

United Party for National Development vice president for politics, Canicius Banda says that the departure of the party’s vice president for administration, Richard Kapita is a grand opportunity for learning and renewal in the UPND.
Dr. Banda says that the UPND should not become too defensive and it would be a mistake to say that Mr. Kapita’s departure is good riddance.
He says that the UPND must seriously introspect and benefit from the many analyses that ought to be done about Mr. Kapita’s departure and that there is a valuable lesson in his conduct.
According to his latest posting on his Facebook page, Dr. Banda says that Mr. Kapita’s departure offers the UPND an opportunity to restructure and do better.
Dr. Banda says that the UPND should emerge stronger now and thanked Mr. Kapita for his time, presence and work in the UPND.
However, Dr. Banda says that Mr. Kapita’s departure is based on a personal desire to reorder his life and it is in keeping with the dictates of Nature and the national law.

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