ZDDM backs government’s move to take the draft constitution to parliament.

The opposition Zambia Direct Democracy Movement, ZDDM says that government’s move to take the draft constitution to parliament is the right process.
ZDDM president, Edwin Sakala, says that it is important for the draft constitution to be subjected to further debates and scrutiny by parliament.
He says that some clauses such a foreigner easily buying Zambian land needs to be subjected to further scrutiny.
Mr. Sakala told Breeze News this morning that taking the draft constitution to the referendum would be dangerous to the country.
He also dispelled fears from some stakeholders that the PF government will take advantage of the process to manipulate some clauses as it has the majority MPs.
Mr. Sakala explained that he had a chance to see the draft which has been taken to parliament and is the exact draft which was debated on at the Constitutional National Conference.
He said that it is important for Zambians to trust parliamentarians as they represent their interests.
Mr. Sakala says that once debated in parliament, people will be able to have full understanding of what is contained in the draft constitution, unlike voting yes or no, without even knowing clauses.

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