Chipata district has produced a total of 9,290 metric tonnes of groundnuts, beating all the districts in Eastern Province for the 2019/2020 crop production.
Lundazi district is on the second position with 8,774 while Petauke district is on the third position with 5,459 metric tonnes of groundnuts.
Nyimba district is on the fourth position with a total of 2,950.
Katete registered a total of 2,871 while Chadiza produced 1,953 metric tonnes of groundnuts.
Mambwe district is at the bottom with a production of 1,527 metric tonnes of groundnuts.
This is according to the Eastern Province 2019/2020 season crop forecast production figures seen by Breeze FM News.
And the statement is indicating seven districts only, as all the new districts were captured under the old districts.
Meanwhile Lundazi is the only district in Eastern Province that has produced millet with a production of 58 metric tonnes.
And only two districts have produced Irish potatoes with Chipata having a total of 431 metric tonnes followed by Mambwe with 73 metric tonnes of potatoes.

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