14 trucks loaded with 420 metric tonnes of maize impounded in Nyimba district.

Fourteen Zambian trucks loaded with 420 metric tonnes of maize have been impounded in Nyimba district while transporting the product to Mozambique.
Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo confirmed during a media briefing that 11 trucks were impounded last night while three were impounded early this morning.
Mr. Kasolo says all the 14 drivers for the trucks have been arrested to assist with investigations into the matter as they did not have proper export documentation.
He says that the operation happened with the help of the Zambia National Service, ZNS and Nyimba District Commissioner adding that some of the maize were packed in FRA, Food Reserve Agency bags.
Mr. Kasolo says unscrupulous business people trying to smuggle Zambian subsidized maize and maize products without proper documents will be arrested because ZNS officers have been planted across the province.
He also directed all District Commissioners to be on the lookout and arrest all illegal smugglers of maize and meali-meal.
Mr. Kasolo says the manner in which the mealie-meal and maize is being smuggled is tantamount to economic sabotage and warned of stern action against any smuggler.
Mr. Kasolo added that any impounded maize or mealie-meal will be forfeited to the state to address the artificial shortage of mealie-meal.

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