3000 metric tonnes of tobacco grown by independent farmers stuck due to lack of market

Three thousand metric tonnes of tobacco grown by Independent farmers across the country is stuck due to lack of market.
Tobacco Board of Zambia TBZ Chief Executive Officer, Samson Muyembe has disclosed to Breeze News today.
Mr Muyembe says that in Eastern Province, about 500 metric tonnes of tobacco has not yet been bought by the merchants.
The chief executive officer says TBZ is equally concerned that
independent tobacco farmers are still stuck with their produce.
He however, appealed to the tobacco farmers not to be desperate with their produce but remain calm as TBZ had entered into negotiations with Tombwe Processing Limited, TPL, so that they can buy the tobacco from independent farmers.
Mr Muyembe TBZ will conclude the negotiations with TPL soon.
He says he is aware that Pemba and Alliance One are still buying the tobacco from farmers in Eastern Province.

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