A 23 year old Ghanaian witchdoctor arrested for raping a 30 year old woman.

A twenty-three year old Ghanaian witchdoctor has been arrested for allegedly raping a 30 year old woman of SSP Compound in Chipata.
Provincial Deputy Police Commissioner, Patrick Billi, confirmed to Breeze News the incident which occurred on September 17 around 12:30 hours.
Mr. Bili says that the victim went to visit the witchdoctor, Tony Keswe at his place of operation in Old Jim area, in search of love portions to use on her husband.
He narrates that Keswe then forced himself on her, claiming that it was a way of cleansing her of marital problems being experienced with her husband.
Mr. Bili says that Keswe has been arrested and charged with rape and is expected to appear before the courts tomorrow.
He has advised women to be careful from soliciting help from witchdoctors to avoid falling prey to vices such as rape.
Meanwhile, a 42 year old man was over the weekend murdered by his colleague at Chipata’s Apollo Dam Two, after they quarrelled over a fishing net.
Mr. Bili says that the incident happened on Saturday, when Enoch Banda, 33, hit Chilembo Banda, 33, with a hand of an Axe on the head.
He says that Chilembo died from head injuries yesterday at Chipata General Hospital where he was admitted.

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