A 25 year old man arrested for having had unlawful carnal knowledge of a chicken in Kasama.

Police in Kasama have arrested a 25 year old man for allegedly having had unlawful carnal knowledge of a chicken.


Police Deputy Spokesperson, Rae Hamoonga has confirmed the incident in a statement availed to Breeze News.


Mr. Hamoonga says that it is alleged that on Sunday around midnight, Frazer Kasonde Bwalya went in the chicken run belonging to Dennis Mutale of Nkole village in Kasama where he got hold of a chicken and had unlawful carnal knowledge of it.

Upon confronting him, Bwalya admitted having forced himself on the chicken.


Mr. Hamoonga says that the suspect was later taken to the chieftains who later handed him over to the Police together with the dead chicken.


The police spokesperson says that the chicken was taken to Veterinary and findings were that it died out of the same act.


The suspect has been detained in Police custody and charged with unnatural offence contrary to the Laws of Zambia and will appear in court soon.


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