A 30-year -old bricklayer of Chipata district sentenced to life imprisonment for murder.

A 30-year -old bricklayer of Chipata district has been imprisoned for life for murdering a taxi driver.

Appearing in the Chipata High Court, was Josias Phiri of Kalongwezi Township who stood charged with one count of murdering Patrick Phiri of MchengaTownshiplast year.

It is alleged that between 30thJuly and 1stAugust 2013, the accused murdered the taxi driver at New Apostolic Church of Kalongwezi Extension.

In mitigation, the accused through Legal Counsel John Phiri pleaded with the court to exercise leniency because the accused took his action after being provoked by Patrick when he was looking for his monies, which he had borrowed him.

He said it was not a meditated murder because the deceased wanted to grab the properties belonging to the church, which Josias Phiri was keeping as a care-taker.

But High Court Judge MungeniMulengasaid the accused was supposed to have been given a death sentence but due to mitigating circumstances, she decided to send him to life prison with hardlabour.

Ms. Justice Mulenga also confirmed life imprisonment to a 21-year old Yotam Banda who stood charged with one count of murder.

The judge further slapped a 15 years imprisonment with hard labour sentences to Standwell Mwelu and Joseph Phiri for murdering people in separate instances.

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