A 34 year old man arrested in Lundazi for shooting another man in the mouth.

Police in Lundazi district have arrested a 34 year old man for shooting another man in the mouth.
Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Eugine Sibote, identified the man as Zacheaus Daka and the victim is Thomas Mtonga urged 45 years.
He explained that the shooting incident happened on Tuesday, October 20, when Mr. Mtonga and other workers at a small scale mine demanded their payment.
Mr. Sibote says that in the process, Zacheaus Daka, pulled a gun and started firing in the air and in the process, one of the rounds ended up landing on Mr. Mtonga.
He explained that Mr. Mtonga sustained a wound on his left chick and was transferred to Chipata General Hospital for further treatment, because it is suspected that the projector is still stack in his jaw.
Mr. Sibote says that police discovered that the pistol Mr. Daka used belonged to his in law, Yotam Banda.
He says that Mr. Banda has therefore, also been arrested and has been charged with failure to secure a fire arm and will appear in court tomorrow.
Mr. Sibote says that Mr. Daka was arrested and charged with attempted murder and will also appear in court tomorrow.
He says that the police are yet to discover whether Mr. Daka owns the mine or weather the mine is licensed.

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