A 34 year old man jailed 15 years for causing the death of his son

The Chipata High Court this morning sentenced a 34 year old man to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour for manslaughter.
High court Judge, Justice Mungeni Mulenga sentenced Jacob Walace Zulu of Petauke district for causing the death of his own Biological son, Blessings Zulu.
Facts of the offence are that on July 11th 2015 in Petauke district, Zulu was at home with his children when he discovered that someone had plucked some chilli from his compound.
His youngest son revealed that it was Blessings who plucked the Chili and gave it to a neighbour, a situation which angered Zulu, who started whipping his son.
Later in the night, Zulu discovered that his son, who had sustained a swollen head, had died in his bedroom.
He then picked up the body and threw it in a nearby bush for fear of sparking a quarrel with his wife.
The following morning Zulu’s wife discovered that their son was missing and reported the matter to the police who picked the boy’s father as a suspect.
Mr. Zulu revealed to the police that his son had died and his body was dumped in a nearby bush.
In mitigation, Legal Aid Board Counsel, Mauyaneyi Merebesa Mulenya said that the accused was a 34 year old married man with four kids and a first offender.
She asked the court to exercise lenience on him since he did not waste the courts time by pleading guilty to the offence and was distressed by his son’s death.
In passing judgement, Justice Mulenga said the facts of the case were serious since as a parent, he showed so much anger on his own child by beating him hard which led to his death.
Justice Mulenga sentenced Zulu to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour effective the date of his arrest on July 21st 2015

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