A 34 year old woman hit with stray bullet

A 34 year old woman of Sinda district has been hospitalised after being hit by a stray bullet.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Alex Chilufya has confirmed the incident, which happened yesterday around 10:45 hours at Munyamadzi section.

Mr. Chilufya says that the incident happened during a dog elimination exercise, which was being conducted by the Veterinary Department and the council.

He says that Alice Tembo, a passer-by, was shot at by an Officer who was on duty with Council and Veterinary Officers during the operation.

Mr. Chilufya says Ms. Tembo sustained 9 pellet gunshot wounds; in the neck, left side of the chest, left arm and abdomen.

He says that the victim was rushed to St. Francis hospital where she underwent surgery to extract the pellets from her body and she is reported to be in stable condition.

Mr. Chilufya says police have opened an Inquiry File to determine the circumstances of the incident.


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