A 42 years old man jailed 5 years for stock theft in Chadiza district

A 42 years old man of Chadiza district has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment with hard labour for stock theft.
Alkangel Phiri of Kadambe village in Chief Mlolo’s area was jailed by Chadiza Magistrate Fabian Likulunga for stealing 3 heads of cattle and exchanging them with other cows in Mozambique.
Particulars of the offence are that Phiri on 15 May 2015 stole 3 cows valued at 5,300 Kwacha, property of Mills Banda of the same village.
Passing verdict, Magistrate Likulunga said Phiri who failed to give mitigation in court, was first offender but the offence he committed was a serious one, which has a mandatory sentence.
He convicted Phiri to 5 year imprisonment with hard labour to deter would be offenders.

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