A 43 year old man of Lundazi jailed for illegal hunting in Lukusuzi National Park.

A 43 year old man of Muchilibala Farm in Chief Chikomeni’s area in Lundazi district has been slapped with one year imprisonment with hard labour for illegal hunting in Lukusuzi National Park.
Appearing before Magistrate, Keagan Litiya was Chikomeni Banda charged with three counts.
In the first count Banda, whilst and jointly working together with unknown persons was on 20 April found with a Mazol loading gun contrary to the laws of Zambia.
In the second count Banda was charged for unlawful entry into the national park contrary to the laws of Zambia while in the third count Banda entered Lukusuzi National Park to hunt game animals without any hunting permit.
Apart from the one year prison sentence, which he was sentenced in the third count, Banda was in the first count fined 200 Kwacha rebased or two months imprisonment in default while in the second count he was fined 900 Kwacha or nine months imprisonment in default.
And in mitigation, Banda said that he was first offender looking after his old mother and supporting his school going children.
When passing judgement, Magistrate Litiya told Banda that the court had considered his mitigation adding that he did not waste the court’s time.
He stated that the court had to exercise maximum leniency but being a parent and looking after his old mother, Banda should have considered the factors before committing the offence and sentenced him accordingly.

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