A 51 year old British national murdered in Chipata’s Hills View area.

A fifty-one year old British national has been killed at his home in Chipata’s Hills View area.
Provincial Police Commissioner Eugene Sibote told Breeze News that the incident is believed to have occurred between the 5th and 6th of July.
Mr. Sibote says that Mithell Dean, Director of Dean Lodge was last seen entering his house around 21 hours with a black colleague after having drinks at the bar.
The two had been staying together for the past two months.
The guard says that he heard loud music being played in the house and that later on, the music stopped and the colleague to Mr. Dean drove out in a green Toyota Carina vehicle.
The guard is said to have found Mr. Dean lying in a pool of blood the following morning around 08:00 hours, with a deep cut on his ear while some valuables were missing from the house.
The police have instituted a manhunt for the colleague who is said to be going by different names.
Meanwhile, a Barclays Bank employee, Mumba Mwanza, who went missing last month, has been found dead in the bushes in Hill’s View area.
Provincial Police Commissioner, Eugene Sibote explained that on June 28, the family to Mr. Mwanza had reported him as missing for two days.
He says that on July 2, someone reported to the police that he had found a dead body in the bush and that when police arrived at the scene, they identified him as Mwanza.
Mr. Sibote says that police were also able to find a diary where Mumba wrote some details in connection to his work, about why he decided to commit suicide.
He says that police are still carrying out investigations based on what the diary revealed.

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