A clash of political symbols has emerged in Chadiza district.

A clash of political symbols has emerged in Chadiza district ahead of the August 11 general elections.

This follows a decision by independent candidate, Ziwani Banda to adopt a hand as his symbol, which is similar to that of the UPND, United Party for National Development.

And UPND District Public Secretary Alistaliko Tembo has accused Mr. Banda of trying to confuse UPND supporters with his symbol.

Mr. Tembo says people should however, not be confused with these two similar symbols.

He says the UPND symbol is clear with a stretched palm while Mr. Banda’s symbol has a first finger pointing forward.

Meanwhile the Patriotic Front PF Party has described as regrettable reports that some of its candidates are de-campaigning MMD, the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy.

Vice Provincial Information and Publicity Secretary, Chembe Daka says that PF and MMD need to dialogue on the matter.

Mr. Daka told Breeze News that the two parties already agreed to work together and that it would work to their disadvantage if they fail.

On Tuesday the MMD through their provincial spokesperson, Zephaniah Kaleya threatened to suspect their alliance because of PF candidates that are de-campaigning the MMD.

Meanwhile Mr. Daka says candidates contesting the August 11 general elections should desist from politics of character assassination.

He stated that the PF has observed with concern that some candidates are resorting to damaging the character of their political opponents instead of explaining what they will do.

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