A contractor in Chipata ordered to reinstate bore pits along the Great East Road

A contractor working on Chiswa road in Chipata has been ordered to reinstate bore pits where it has been extracting gravel along the Great East Road in Chiswa area.
Road Development Agency RDA Regional Engineer, Thomas Zimba has confirmed the development to Breeze News.
Mr. Zimba says that Treo Zambia Limited was extracting gravel material within the road reserve on the Great East Road for its use in the graveling of feeder roads.
He explained this should not have been done because the area where the contractor was extracting gravel is a road reserve and is placed at the disposal of Mota Engil, who has a site possession certificate.
Mr. Zimba says that RDA has directed that the contractor reinstates the bore pits and collects gravel for its road works from somewhere else.
Meanwhile Mr. Zimba says that RDA is so far impressed with progress of road works on the Great East Road.
He says that he is confident that Mota Engil will be able to complete road works on Umodzi Highway within the contract period, which ends this year.

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