A contractor tarring the Chipata-Chadiza-Chanida-Katete road has asked for extension of the contract period

China State Construction and Engineering Company has asked government 2 extend the Chipata-Chadiza-Chanida-Katete road contract period by at list 8 months.
Contract Manager, Imo Wang told Breeze FM Correspondent Christopher Banda in Chadiza that the company has already written to government asking for the extension.
Mr Wang says that the 713 million Kwacha project which started in April last year was scheduled to be completed within 12 months.
He says that delays by government to release funds forced the company to temporarily suspend the works.
Mr Wang says the main challenge the company is facing is the late release of funds by de government as they are unable to buy project materials and pay workers.
He indicated that the company was last funded was in May this year with 10 million Kwacha, which was not enough to continue with the project.
Mr Wang says that over 600 workers have been laid off since January when the company suspended the works due to lack of funding.

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