A contractor tarring township roads in Katete district charged for failing to finish works on time.

Nakangea Construction Company, a contractor tarring the 15 kilometer township roads in Katete district has been charged with liquidated damages.
A liquidated damage is a charge given to contractors that do not finish the works on time.
Department of Housing and Infrastructure Development Provincial Principal Engineer, Pheston Sikanyika explained to Breeze News that there are legalities in any contract that should be followed before terminating.
Mr. Sikanyika says in this case, the contractor has about 200 days from August 15th 2015, when the time the contract ended to February next year in which to finish the works.
Mr. Sikanyika says that failure to finish the works within the 200 days will lead to government recovering the money from the contractor for time wastage depending on the decision made.
He says that the over 72 million Kwacha Katete Township road project is currently going on well although there are still some lapses.
Last week, Eastern Province Permanent Secretary, Chanda Kasolo observed shoddy works on the roads and suggested that the contract be terminated.

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