A contractor working on Chipata-Malawi road complains of intimidation from residents

Some residents whose crop fields have been graded by Mota Engil along Chipata-Malawi road have threatened the contractor.
Chipata District Commissioner, Kalunga Zulu told Breeze News that the residents are threatening the lives of workers, who are carrying out the works.
Mr. Zulu expressed disappointment with the action of the residents who have gone to an extent of putting their own beacons between the main road and the diversion routes.
Mr. Zulu charged that government will not tolerate such behaviour, stating that they are disrupting the time frame in which Mota Engil has been given to work on the road.
The District Commissioner explained that if Mota Engil has to delay works due to disruptions from the community, government may have to pay the contractor for the delays.
He explained that by law, 50 meters from the white center line falls under the road reserve and that people found within that range are there illegally.
And Mr. Zulu warned marketeers who have continued to trade along Umodzi highway, that they will be forcefully evicted to pave way for the road works.
The construction works are advancing into Chipata central business area, with street lights and foot paths being removed to pave way for the rehabilitations works.

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