A forest project in Chief Mwanya’s area in Lundazi district annoys some villagers.

A misunderstanding has ensued over 96,000 hectares of land which is about to be turned into a forest in Chief Mwanya’s area in Lundazi district.

Some villagers in the area have accused Bio-Forest Carbon Partners, who are implementing the project of grabbing their land, which is used for farming and mining activities.

Kambwiri Representative John Mumba has appealed to government to immediately stop the project so that people in the area can develop the land for their personal use.

But Community Forest Programme Senior Community Engagement Manager, Godfrey Phiri says that it is incorrect for the villagers to suggest that the 96,000 hectares of land has been grabbed from them.

Mr. Phiri explained that the Bio-Carbon Community Forest programme is being conducted with full knowledge of all the villagers in Chief Mwanya’s area.

He explained that the project is being done to encourage the community to conserve the forest and contribute to the fight against climate change.

Mr Phiri explained that the project implementers will not interfere with any farming activities or illegal mining, which is taking place in the area.

And Community Resource Board Chairperson, Ringston Mwandila echoed Mr Phiri’s statement that community members were sensitised for more than one year about the project and participated in choosing the forest site.

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