A fourteen year old boy in Chipata attempts to run away from parents in bizarre circumstances.

A fourteen year old boy from DK area in Chipata was on Friday found, trying to escape from his alleged abusive parents in a bizarre circumstance.
Speaking to Breeze News, Provincial Police Commissioner, Grace Chipalila, says that the teenager hid himself under a named bus, which was bound for Lusaka, by holding on to the chassis of the vehicle.
Ms Chipalila narrates that the boy was found under the bus after it developed a fault at Chiwoko, on the way to Lusaka.
She says the boy, was apprehended and brought back to Chipata by one of the police officers, and that he did not sustain any injuries.
When questioned over his escape, the boy says that he was trying to run away from his abusive parents to become a street kid in Lusaka.
And when the parents were summoned, Ms Chipalila says that they accused the boy of trying to run away from chores that the father had given him to do the previous day.
She says that both the boy and the parents are currently undergoing counseling with VSU, the Victim Support Unit.

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