A hailstorm destroys 12 houses and crop fields.

A hailstorm has left a trail of destruction on crops and houses in Mbande Ward of Vubwi district.

Vubwi District Commissioner, Enelesi Banda has confirmed this to Breeze News.

Ms. Banda says the area called 10-10 in Mbande ward experienced a hailstorm on Thursday around sixteen hours, which destroyed huge hectares of crop fields and 12 houses.

She explained that when she went round the area to check on the situation, she found that the damage to the crops is very bad especially maize that was completely destroyed.

Ms. Banda says she has today sent officers from the Ministry of Agriculture to assess how many hectors of fields have been affected.

She says farmers in the area will have to replant the crops while the 12 families whose houses have been destroyed will be assisted by DMMU, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit.

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