A man arrested for selling about 1,700 hectors of land under the forestry department in Mambwe district.

A combined team of forest and police officers in Mambwe district have arrested a man for illegally selling about 1,700 hectors of land in Nyakatokoli Forest Number 238.
Charles Mbewe believed to be a Senior Induna to disputed Chief Ntindi, Friday Mwale is believed to have issued the land to about 15 families, who have already settled on the land.
Deputy Provincial Forestry Officer, Kingsely Muyunda has confirmed the arrest of Charles Mbewe to Breeze News.
He has been charged with three counts, of entry in local forest without permit, squatting and illegal cultivation contrary to Cap 199 of the Forest Act.
Mr. Muyunda says that the combined team swung into action after a tip off that Mbewe was selling the land in the protected forest.
Mbewe who was locked up in police custody is expected to appear in court today for mention.
Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Grace Chipalila could not be reached for comment by News time.

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