A misleading report puts Chadiza district in an awkward situation.

Chadiza District Commissioner George Phiri has expressed disappointment over a report from CSO, the Central Statistical Office that Chadiza is not among the poorest districts in Eastern Province.

Mr. Phiri says the report has resulted in the district being left out from districts that are benefiting from the Social Cash Transfer program.

Mr. Phiri says that he wrote to the provincial administration requesting for the social cash transfer scheme to be extended to Chadiza but the permanent secretary refused.

He says that according to a letter dated 3rd June 2016, Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo indicated that Chadiza cannot be put on the Social Cash Transfer Scheme because the district is NOT among the poorest in the province.

Mr. Phiri stated that Mr. Kasolo explained that this was based on a report obtained from the statistical office on the living conditions of people.

Mr Phiri wondered why Chadiza can be ranked better off than districts like Chipata and Petauke where the social cash transfer scheme is being implemented.

He stated that Chadiza is the oldest and poorest district in the province adding that the CSO should carry out a proper survey on the living conditions of people.

Mr. Phiri was speaking during a stakeholder’s consultative meeting on the 7th National Development Plan in Chadiza district.

But Provincial Statistical Officer Richard Kaela denied having issued such a report to the provincial administration adding that he did not know where the report came from.

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