A misunderstanding has ensued between disabled people and Zambia Agency for Persons with Disability over Lutembwe Farms.

Disabled people cultivating on Lutembwe Farms in Chipata are reported to be facing challenges to fully sustain themselves from their agricultural activities.
This has forced Zambia Agency for Persons with Disability to take a decision to cultivate 15 hectors of land for the 2013-2014 farming season, with intentions to assist all the disabled in Eastern Province.
Provincial Coordinator, Lukwesa Kalumba told Breeze News this morning that nothing is coming out of Lutembwe Farms because those using the land are still getting external support.
He disclosed that the 52 families using the land were either on the Social Cash Transfers Scheme or accessing farming inputs under FISP, Farmer Input Support Programme and Social Security Pack.
Mr. Kalumba was reacting to statements from a group of angry disabled people who visited his office yesterday accusing the organisation of asking them to pay 250 Kwacha in order to use Lutembwe Farms.
Mr. Kalumba however, denied the allegation stating that no one has been asked to pay any amount.
The group charged that they could not understand why they were being asked to pay for land which belongs to them.

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