A multi-million kwacha farming project hits a snag in Petauke district

A multi-million kwacha farming project has failed to take off in Petauke district.
And Chief Nyamphande says Nyamphande Farming Development project has failed to start because the managers could not find equitable partners for the development in Petauke District.
Chief Nyamphande says the intention of the managers who started the Nyamphande Farming Development project was to find equitable partners to develop the farming scheme.
The project was expected to create jobs for the local people.
He disclosed that the other reason why the project could not start was that some managers allegedly started selling the land which they had been given by him.
Chief Nyamphande says that when he learnt about the selling of the land, he decided to halt the project.
He says that if the project had succeeded, the area would have raised 30 million United States dollars because of the farming activities, which were supposed to take place.

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