A new drug used to treat hepatitis launched in Chipata.

Government says hepatitis, a condition that affects the human liver, is a number one killer disease in the world as compared to HIV/AIDS and Malaria.

Eastern Province Administrative Officer, Steven Tembo, expressed worry that most people do not realize the devastating impact, that the disease has on humans worldwide.

Mr. Tembo was speaking in Chipata yesterday during the launch of a new capsule called Heptovit Herbal SoftGel which treats liver diseases.

The launch was being done by an organisation called Save Your Liver Foundation Zambia.

Mr. Tembo says ,Save Your Liver Foundation Zambia, is one of the organizations promoting people’s health in the country and will be supported by government because many people especially those suffering from hepatitis, will benefit from the medicine.

Mr. Tembo says government is committed to having a health nation as demonstrated through construction of health facilities, throughout the country.

He says the World Hepatitis Alliance, has a vision of eliminating hepatitis in the World by 2030 ,adding that people in the SADC region, should move in that direction.

And Save Your Liver Foundation Zambia President, Petterson Owusu, says the medicine has undergone tests in Ghana and Nigeria, where it has proved to be working effectively.

Dr. Owusu says Heptovit SoftGel Capsule, once prescribed to a patient, takes six weeks for the liver to come to normal.

Hepatitis is caused by consumption of alcohol, drugs, cigarette, chemical pollution and viral induced.


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