A one year old baby killed by a crocodile after attacking its mother in Chadiza district

A one year old baby is reported to have been killed after his mother was attacked by a crocodile in Kandabwako stream in Chadiza district
The child fell from the mother’s back into the stream as she struggled to climb a tree in an effort to escape from the jaws of a crocodile that left her with serious injuries.
Rachael Banda aged 30 of Chikomba village in Chief M’lolo’s area was attacked on Tuesday between 14 and 15 hours when she went to wash from the stream.
According to Rachael’s sister, Catherine of Chikoloka village in Chief M’lolo area, her sister was washing in the stream when the reptile caught one of her legs and dragged her into the water.
The woman tried to climb a nearby tree as the crocodile held on to one of her legs and in the process the baby who was wrapped at her back fell into the stream and the crocodile left her and dragged the baby and went away.
The woman was later assisted by her parents who rushed her to Chadiza Boma clinic where she is currently admitted nursing serious injuries.
Breeze FM Staffer, Paul Phiri reports that Rachael sustained a broken leg and arm and deep multiple injuries.
Efforts to get a comment from Chadiza District Medical Officer, Dr. Swazi Fundafunda failed by news time as he was busy attending to other patients.

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