A Patriotic Front cadre acquitted of defaming President Edgar Lungu.

A Patriotic Front PF Party cadre of Chipata district, accused of defaming President Edgar Lungu has been acquitted.

John Ngoma, is alleged to have committed the offence on March 30th 2017, at Kapata market.

He was later dragged to Kapata police post by fellow PF youths, who are said to be in the provincial security team.

It is alleged that Ngoma, used insulting words against the president.

Chipata resident magistrate, Boniface Mwala, acquitted Ngoma for reasons that the prosecution failed to prove the case against the accused person.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Mwala reprimanded three of Ngoma’s friends, for wildly celebrating inside the court, while she was still reading the ruling.

The three apologised before the court.

The magistrate warned that the behaviour they exhibited was uncalled for, because it disturbed court proceedings.

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