A project to encourage voting among young people has been launched in Chipata.

A triple V-concert, which is a campaign aimed at sensitizing young people on the importance of voting has been launched in Chipata
Four non-governmental organizations namely, the Women’s Lobby, Young Women Christian Association, WYCA, Anti-Voter Apathy Project AVAP and the Operation Young Vote have formed a coalition to spearhead the campaign.

Campaign spokesperson, Juliet Chibuta observed that the Triple V Concert, which is my vote, my voice, my victory campaign will be of great help to the people of Chipata to know the importance of voting.
She says that this is important especially considering the low voter turnout experienced in the district in the last presidential election in January.
Ms. Chibuta urged the youths to be exercising their right to vote as it is the only way that change can be brought in the country.
And Triple V Coalition Chairperson, Guess Nyirenda says that the Operation Young Vote in collaboration with ECZ, the Electoral Commission of Zambia, conducted a research to find out the cause of low voter turnout in Chipata.
He says that the research revealed that regular elections are the major cause of the voter apathy, because people are tired of voting within a short period of time.
Mr. Nyirenda added that the high level of unemployment was also another cause of voter apathy experienced in Chipata in the last presidential election.
Mr. Nyirenda urged young people to continue voting as it is the only way that change can be brought to the country.

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