A random high blood pressure test by the Ministry of Health has found most people in Chipata positive.

A random high blood pressure test conducted by the Ministry of Health in Chipata has revealed that most people are positive.
District Health Officer, Dr. Davy Simwaba has confirmed to Breeze News, stating that the exercise was conducted during the World Health Day Commemoration before last week.
Dr. Simwaba says this could be due to a number of high risk factors like physical inactivity, and a poor diet that may be as a result of the increase of fast food outlets that have been opened in Chipata.
And Dr. Simwaba has expressed concern over the increase of non-communicable diseases like diabetes, stroke and hypertension.
Meanwhile Dr Simwaba reiterated that that the Ministry of Health will soon be launching a vaccine for Pneumonia, which he says has become a big threat to children under the age of 5years.
He says the vaccine will also provide protection against diseases like meningitis and chest infections.
And responding to concerns from members of the public on the lack of ITNs in some Health Centres, Dr Simwaba says that he is aware that Chipata General Hospital does not have ITNs.
He says that there is a shortfall of ITNs in the District and that they are expecting to receive 84 000 ITNs before the end of the second quarter.

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