A serious power blackout hits some provinces including Eastern.

A power blackout hit Eastern Province and some other provinces for more than five hours.
The power blackout, which happened in the night, saw electricity only being restored to the Province around 11 hours after paralyzing operations for most companies, which were forced to start using generators.
And ZESCO Spokesperson, Henry Kapata confirmed to Breeze News that the whole Province was cut off.
Mr. Kapata says this was due to some system disturbances on the power line that connects the region to the National Power Grid.
Mr. Kapata says other Provinces, were also affected with the system disturbance adding that power has now been restored to the affected areas.
He however, refuted reports that the whole country was cut off, stating that only selected places were affected and that it was not a serious problem.
This is the third power blackout to have affected most parts of the country within six months.

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