A serious problem of safe drinking water has hit Chieftainess Mwape’s area in Nyimba district.

Villagers in Chiefteness Mwape’s area in Nyimba district have complained over lack of safe drinking water.
George Tembo of Macheka Village and Jack Chirwa of Nicholas village told Breeze News that most villages in the area have no access to safe drinking water due to lack of boreholes.
They complained that the problem is serious, as the area has no streams or dams where people can fetch water from, forcing them to dig shallow wells.
They mentioned Alefa, Chisenga, Eniward, Mbiri and Nicholas as some of the villages that need urgent attention.
And Nyimba district administrative officer, Fabian Chunzu explained that more boreholes need to be drilled in the area.
Mr. Chunzu indicated that government may in the future help the area by putting up water points, where domestic animals can drink from, as there are no immediate plans to build dams.
And Nyimba district council planning officer, Ama Ado, explained that the local authority has plans to drill more boreholes in the area through assistance from UNICEF, the United Nations International Children Emergency Fund.
She however, said that a lot more needs to be done to assist the area, as the water situation is serious.

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