A serious problem of safe drinking water has hit Vuu Ward in Lundazi district.

People of Vuu Ward in Lundazi district are reported to be sharing drinking water sources with domestic animals.
Vuu Ward Councillor, Godfrey Mapili complained to Breeze News that a critical shortage of safe drinking water has hit the ward.
Mr. Mapili stated that people are now walking more than 10 kilometres to fetch for safe drinking water, a situation he described as unacceptable.
He revealed that the ward has only about 17 boreholes against a population of over 33,000.
Mr. Mapili who is also former Lundazi district council chairman accused government of not doing enough in providing access to drinking water especially to people in rural areas.
He appealed to government to consider drilling more boreholes especially that most streams have dried up due to poor rains experienced during the 2014/2015 rainy season.

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