A serious shortage of doctors has hit Chadiza District Hospital.

Chadiza District Hospital has been hit by a critical shortage of doctors.
A check at the hospital revealed that there is only one doctor at the hospital against a district population of more than sixty thousand.

The check also revealed that at its inception in February 2013, the hospital had 3 doctors but 2 of them have been transferred to other hospitals although they are still under the payroll of Chadiza District Hospital.
The situation has angered residents who have called on government to remove the 2 doctors from the district payroll and engage other doctors who are willing to work in the area.
Speaking on behalf of the residents, Robert Phiri said a number of deaths which could have been avoided have happened due to lack of doctors.
Mr Phiri also said that the doctor that is currently operating at Chadiza District Hospital is being overworked to the extent that he never has time to rest or to pursue any further education.

And Chadiza District Commissioner George Phiri said he is aware about the shortage of medical doctors at the institution and that efforts are being made to see to it that more doctors are employed.

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