A serious shortage of mealie meal has hit Chipata district.

Shortage of mealie meal has hit Chipata district for almost three days.
A check by Breeze News at the first and second class trading areas found that only 10 kilogramme bags of mealie meal are being sold.
Most traders spoken to have indicated that the shortage is as a result of suppliers not delivering Zambia’s staple food.
The traders further explained that they did not know when the suppliers will supply the mealie meal while others indicated that they will have the product next week on Monday.
And Millers Association of Zambia MAZ President, Alan Sakala told Breeze News that the association is not aware of the shortage that has hit Chipata.
Mr. Sakala however, says that he will have to investigate the matter.
He dismissed suggestions that millers are holding on to mealie meal with a view to increase prices.
Last week on Thursday, a team of CCPC, Competition and Consumer Protection Commission officers conducted a search on 4 major milling companies in Lusaka for suspected engagement or facilitation in the fixing of mealie meal and flour prices.

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