A serious water problem hits Nsingo Ward in Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s area

A serious problem of lack of safe drinking water has hit Nsingo Ward in Paramount Chief Mpezeni’s area in Chipata.
Nsingo Ward Councillor, Rodgers Mwanza has confirmed stating that women are at times forced to spend long hours on the queue to draw water at Nsingo clinic.
Speaking in an interview with Breeze News, Mr. Mwanza stated that people are forced to walk long distances in search of the commodity.
He expressed concern that this was a security risk as women wake up very early in the morning, walking long distances to look for water.
Mr Mwanza further complained over the delay in water projects in his ward, stating that people need boreholes where they can easily draw water.
And Mr Mwanza thanked NGOs for their support towards the water project and donation of solar panels.

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