A South African national arrested in Petauke district for being in possession of Mukula logs.

A South African national has been arrested in Petauke district for being in possession of biological resources commonly known as Mukula logs.
Eastern Province Deputy Police Commissioner, Patrick Billy told Breeze News this morning that Gideon Daniel aged 41 of Mpumalanga Province in South Africa was arrested yesterday.
Mr. Billy says that a Ma diesel truck carrying the logs was ceased around 04 hours.
He says that Mr. Daniels is currently in police custody in Petauke and is expected to appear in court tomorrow.
Mr. Billy has warned that police are vigilant and will not tolerate any foreigner illegally trading in biological resources.
Meanwhile Special Assistant for Press and Public Relations Kaizer Zulu has been discharged in the case in which he was charged with failure to take precaution against injury.
This relates to the shooting incident at Chrismar Hotel after the Presidential aide was involved in a bar altercation with former vice President Enoch Kavindele’s son Enoch junior.
Resident Principal Magistrate Mwaka Mikalile discharged Mr Zulu after the State entered a nolle prosequi.

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