A stray buffalo terrorises people of Nsadzu and Mangwe wards in Chadiza district.

A buffalo has been terrorising people of Nsadzu and Mangwe wards in Chadiza district for the past one week.

Mangwe ward councillor Misheck Phiri and Nsadzu Ward Councillor Mathias Zulu have confirmed to Breeze News in Chadiza.

The two councillors say that this has instilled fear in villagers, who have been forced to restrict their movements.

And Mr Phiri says that the wild animal almost attacked Adamson Mbewe of Zemba area but he managed to elude the buffalo.

Mr Phiri says that the matter has already been reported to police and Department of National Parks and Wildlife who have not yet responded.

And Mr Zulu says that the animal should be removed from the area because it is also destroying people’s crops.

He says that the animal is now reported to be in the hills of Chandolo area.

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