A suspected outbreak of typhoid has killed five people in Chipata and Lundazi districts.

Five people from Chipata and Lundazi District have died from suspected Typhoid, while 26 others are currently undergoing treatment.
Provincial Medical Officer, Dr. Kennedy Malama confirmed the typhoid outbreak during a press briefing in Chipata stating that three people died in Chipata while two others died in Lundazi district.
Dr. Malama further explained that out of the 26 cases, two have been confirmed to be typhoid.
He says that the Eastern Province has not recorded any typhoid cases for the past ten years and that they have already alerted all health centres in the province to be on the lookout for patients exhibiting symptoms related to the disease.
And Dr Malama says Typhoid is a dangerous disease whose bacterium is usually found in faeces.
He says that the most likely cause for the outbreak would be contaminated water from the shallow wells which are so prevalent in the Eastern Province.
He has since advised the general public to treat their water and desist from eating raw food like fruits and vegetables whose source is not known.

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