A third graveyard has been invaded by illegal land developers in Chipata.

Illegal land developers have invaded another graveyard along Chipata-Malawi road.

This now brings to three the number of graveyards, whose land has been encroached in Dilika Ward.

Island Area Chairman, Yusuf Jere told Breeze News that the graveyard near Flats belonging to DEC, the Drug Enforcement Commission has also been encroached.

Mr. Jere has challenged Chipata Municipal Council to remove the illegal land developers, who have built shops and houses.

He explained that people were given plots by a named Malawian national right in the middle of the graveyard where people have been buried.

Mr. Jere says the challenge is that people have already constructed buildings, a situation which is inconveniencing since the graveyard is still in use.

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