A union in the tourism industry says outdated government policies are holding back growth in the sector.

Some government policies in the Ministry of Tourism have been described as archaic and retrogressive to development of the tourism Industry.
Hotel Catering Tourism and Allied Workers Union of Zambia Regional Secretary Zephaniah Kaleya has charged that the policies are not helping the tourism sector at all.

Mr. Kaleya observed that while some government officials have been travelling abroad to woo in investors, the same government policies frustrate the efforts of the investors when they try to set up their investments.
He cited one of the policies that stipulate that lodges should be 5 Kilometres apart.
Mr. Kaleya further observed that the bureaucracy under the tourism sector was driving away investors as some have had to wait as long as three years before they are granted consent to carry out their activities.
He has called on government to revisit some of the policies for the tourism sector to improve.

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